"We were downsizing and ready to put the yard work behind us. They mow and trim, shovel the snow, clean the windows, paint . . . They take care of the landscaping and outside of your house. We're free to travel."

Pinewood Resident

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Home Exteriors — Maintenance & Repair of:

Roofing  •  Siding 

StreetsMaintenance & Repair of:

Drywells  •  Sidewalks  •  Snow Removal  •  Streets  • Street Lights


Common Area Liability  •  Home Building Fire/Hazard  •  (Personal contents not covered; owner is responsible for deductible on each occurrence.)

LandscapingMaintenance & Repair of:

•  Ponds  •   Signage  •  Irrigation   •  RV Parking  •  Walking Paths  •   Ornamental & Bedding Areas


"The lifestyle here is so convenient. We don't have to bother with any of the yard work . . . it's all taken care of for us."    Pinewood Resident